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Home Sweet Hell.

08/15/2012 04:57
Baxley has been everything I hoped it wouldn't be. We moved in with Allayna, which was cool except for sleeping on an air mattress for nearly three months.  Our friend, Collen, needed a place to stay and we needed out, so after we lived with her, we found a seemingly nice place off of the...

The Bane of My Existence

07/18/2012 02:32
Do you know how much shit can happen in one month? You can be propositioned for sex, have your truck stolen, and lose all your money. On July 6th, our truck was stolen. The cops acted like we were friends with the guy who stole it. Our truck is ruined, undrivable, and only covered by liability...

Terribly Dramatic

02/03/2012 12:18
The past month has been a blur, and at the same time, more consuming than any month has been in a long time. Dealing with being unemployed and totally dependent has been the hardest part by far. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I should be done with college by now, using the world as my...

Listing Stuff on Ebay

01/17/2012 07:52
I'm trying to get a good grasp on my life right now. Since I cannot really have a job right now, I've opted for selling a few items on ebay. I've got five pairs of earrings for sale, such as: I hope these actually sell. I haven't had that much contact with Casey as of recently. I spoke to...

Face Into Wall

01/14/2012 18:31
Something that makes me kind of sad:   We were supposed to get married yesterday. Due to finacial restraints over the last few months, we're having to postpone our wedding. The good news is, last night, Casey stayed over with me at Mom's. It was really nice. I had missed him so much! I...


01/11/2012 20:23
When the last drop of life trickles from her mouth, When her eyes glass over and my sanity runs thin, Hold on tightly to the martyr inside of you, Suffering shall begin, my pretty bird. For the beast is yet to escape the walls of flesh, Bedded inside this tangled web of displeasure. For...

The Shore

01/11/2012 20:20
Cowardice has been thrown in my face for far too long. I'm standing on a boulder that juts out like a small cliff over a lake. The once pale rope has turned green with algae and is rough against my fingers. The fibers are frayed and my conscience tells me I know better. Desire to overcome my fear...

Seafolk Musings

01/11/2012 20:15
Weak eyes that watch a swollen sea,  Stirring madly with diamonds, Giving birth to the angry waves. Sand beneath a pale and supine body, Numb against the frosty wind, Mutilated by crippled shells. Admiring distant stars fading into sunrise, Until the waves desire her once more.

Sleeping on the Gravel

01/11/2012 20:12
When first I arrived at the ruined gates, My handkerchief covering my mouth, I saw you cursing the heavens for the last time. Tears were trickling down your cheeks As you tried to stagger away,  The smell of cabernet on your skin. All and sundry gathered to gaze Through the fields...


01/11/2012 19:28
I've been staying at my mom's for a few days now. I've been contemplating asking her to move in until Casey and I can get our own place. I hate to barge in on her life and cramp her style, you know? My mom has her own life to live and she shouldn't be bothered with a 24 year old daughter,...
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