01/09/2012 23:18

I lost my job as a cashier at a convenience store a couple of months ago. Since then, things have gone down, down, and even further down.

We lost our home in November and moved in with some of Casey's friends, Joey and Jaime.(Keep in mind that Casey is paying half the bills.) Things were semi-okay to begin with, despite the terrible condition the trailer we're all piled up in. The real problem was the lack of consideration.

Until ever so recently.

Jaime has a history of stealing pills. At one time, she stole my mother-in-law to be's entire prescription of alprazolam. So, when Casey was missing half of his prescription of the same drug a couple days ago, it was no hard task figuring out the culprit.

I honestly tried to be calm and just let it go. But, let's face it, I have a temper when I've been pushed too far. This chick just keeps going to far with what is and is not appropriate. She solicited Casey for sex, ate a month's worth of groceries in a week in a half that were not hers, and now this. She wasn't part of the equation to begin with! (Joey and Jaime were split up to begin with.)

So, yesterday afternoon, I stepped to the bathroom, which means I had to cross the living room where both she and her husband were sitting to get there. On my way back, I saw her. Just sitting there. I had already been thinking about this whole incident for most of the night and day and I was disgusted. As I stepped over the ledge in the kitchen and headed to my room, I just couldn't hold my tongue any longer.

I yelled out accusations quicker than my mind could keep up with what I was actually doing. She of course denied them and there was no way for me, at that moment to prove it, despite how true I KNEW it was. Bitch was lying.

I promptly asked her if she would like to settle things once and for all and take it to the yard. She did not take me up on it and reminded me that if anyone was going outside of HER house it was me. Joey stepped in at that point and reminder her that it was HIS house, and nobody was going anywhere. I could tell he felt like I could be right, but I guess he couldn't say it right there.

I dropped things, but of course not without the final statement declaring my wrath if anything else went missing. Why can't I just shut my mouth sometimes? I haven't blurted shit out like that since I worked at the golf club and hashed things out with my head chef. Hell, I haven't been in a fight since high school. With my blood still boiling, I woke Casey up and let him know what happened and that I was sorry for handling things like that. He was irritated but not angry and tried to diffuse the situation. No such luck.

I called my mom and asked her to pick me up. I'm staying over here for a couple of days while folks cool off. It's not that I'm scared to get in a fight, it's just not wanting to because I'm an adult now and adults go to jail for fighting.

Geez. I can't believe this. The good news is, Mom has internet. Woo.