Home Sweet Hell.

08/15/2012 04:57

Baxley has been everything I hoped it wouldn't be. We moved in with Allayna, which was cool except for sleeping on an air mattress for nearly three months.  Our friend, Collen, needed a place to stay and we needed out, so after we lived with her, we found a seemingly nice place off of the main strip in Baxley. Two bed, two bath, fully furnished with central air. None of the fucking windows open. None of them. Let's hope there is never a fire. Also, when we first moved in there were bedbugs and fleas. Not to mention we moved in across the street from our land lady's mother who suffers from Alzheimer's.

This place has been a nightmare for many reasons, the biggest being me not being able to find work. I'll admit, I could try a little harder, but that doesn't make the economy squeeze one out for me. Oh, and law enforcement is a joke. And a serious pain in the neck. Oh, and did I make a mention that our electric bills have been nearly topping our rent? Yeah, that's right. Our last bill was $450.00.

We're moving back to Bristol in about a week. As usual, I'm left to do most of the packing and all of the begging to get things done. We aren't moving into our own place though. We're moving in with Casey's mother and stepfather. That sounds about as appealing as salting my eyes. I hate Bristol. I'm not sure if I've ever made that clear enough, and I'm quite certain that I have, but I wish that place would cease to exist.

So, a little rant to make things even peachier,  I kind of blew up on my land lady today. not even anything to do with the house or money, but about her continuous arrogance and notion to talk down to me. I don't care who in the fuck she thinks she is, she doesn't need to push me like that. Things are stressful enough as it is. Long story.  Well, not that long, but I'd still rather move on.

I just keep wondering when we will stay put for at least a year. Every time I turn around, we have to move.

Cody is also angry with me. Truth be told, he has reason to be, but not that I meant for it to happen. I love that boy. He means the world to me.