Terribly Dramatic

02/03/2012 12:18

The past month has been a blur, and at the same time, more consuming than any month has been in a long time. Dealing with being unemployed and totally dependent has been the hardest part by far.
It wasn't supposed to be like this. I should be done with college by now, using the world as my stage, flying from coast to coast on a weekly basis... That's not how real life works. Real life happens far faster than you have time to gasp for air, before you get to blink your eyes. I'm feeling terribly dramatic at the moment, so forgive my colorful theatrics.

This feels like I'm rambling. Let me be serious for just a moment and really pour my feelings out.

Tomorrow, or should I say today, judging by the hour I am typing this, Casey and I are moving in with our friend Allayna and her daughter, Ariah. I'm excited and at the same time I'm dreading it. Not because I don't love Allayna and all of her wonderfulness, but because here we are again. Moving in with someone else. I remember having my own home and paying my own bills!
Sometimes, when I think back to where I was years ago, it's hard to believe where I am. I used to bring home a nice paycheck and eat at fancy sushi bars. Now, I'm bringing home absolutely NOTHING and eating Top Ramen.

The good thing about us moving to Baxley, is that I can get my job back at Walmart. I'm excited about that and eager to mingle with my old work buddies. I've been hoping to move to Baxley for some time. I just want some stability in my life again. (Not to say there's been much of it.)