01/11/2012 19:28

I've been staying at my mom's for a few days now. I've been contemplating asking her to move in until Casey and I can get our own place. I hate to barge in on her life and cramp her style, you know? My mom has her own life to live and she shouldn't be bothered with a 24 year old daughter,  who mind you, doesn't have a "real" job, living with her. 

Casey plans on staying at Joey and Jaime's until the end of the month. I wish he wanted to stay here. We could look for places in Waycross. Sometimes, I'm not sure if we're on the same page.

You know, this situation sucks all the way around. I have no education, no job, no money, no fucking car. Nothing. If Casey doesn't move to a real city with me, I'm going back to Spokane. Period. I know it would be a process of getting a job here in Waycross, which shouldn't be too hard to do, considering my work with Walmart. Then, when I had enough money to leave, I would. All by myself. It seems scary when I think about it, but I'm old enough and strong enough to do it. 

My family acts like a bunch of rabid vultures sometimes.

Recent situation:

Mom and Mimmy moved in together a couple months back and things just DID NOT WORK OUT. They were both miserable in every way that they could be. Mom seems to have moved on from things, which is understandable since she did not have to move out. Mimmy is still very, very bitter and living with her brother in Alabama. Every time I have a conversation with Mimmy, she brings up what happened and demands I take sides. If I tell her I don't want to be involved, she gets angry and accuses me of taking sides anyway.

Last night, Mimmy called me and wanted to talk. I told her about what happened with Jaime and how things were going. Before I had an opportunity to stop the conversation, it happened. A whirlwind of screaming and hurt feelings. I'm really sick of this.

To make matters worse, my sister called me at 4:20PM today to inform me that I owed my grandmother an apology. Obviously, Mimmy called Torrie earlier and clued her in to our conversation from last night. Torrie wouldn't listen to my side of the story and jumped to her own conclusions. I guess it's fine. What can I do anyway?