This is very therapeutic for me, and  is meant more for my eyes than for yours.  Any grammatical errors, mispellings or other structural mishaps will simply remain as they are due to the nature of this journal. As always, read at your own disgression and be prepared for some offensive content and raw emotional ranting. I am not to be held liable for any complications that may arise due to the reading of these entires.  Please understand that some or all of the opinions portrayed in the following entries may be invalid at this point and time. You have been warned and have the full option of venturing foward.


Home Sweet Hell.

08/15/2012 04:57

The Bane of My Existence

07/18/2012 02:32

Terribly Dramatic

02/03/2012 12:18

Listing Stuff on Ebay

01/17/2012 07:52

Face Into Wall

01/14/2012 18:31


01/11/2012 19:28


01/09/2012 23:18
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